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Weight Loss Program

A successful weight loss program requires a multi-faceted approach. There is no "magic pill."  To help my patients reach their goals I aim to understand the underlying causes of their weight gain. Each patient's challenges are unique, and we create a personalized program that meets their needs. 


We employ proven strategies such as food logging, meal replacements, nutrition counseling, specific exercise regimens, and adjunctive medications as well.  

weight loss

See What Our Patients are Saying >

Dear Dr. Ross,


I wanted to show you what you helped me accomplish.

The first pic was taken before I saw you, and I was around 210 pounds. The second pic was taken a couple days ago and I was 178.5 pounds! I've put on 2 pounds of muscle, so it's a total fat loss of around 35 pounds. 


thank you for all your help! 

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