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Cancer Prevention

As a part of your care, we ensure you obtain all of your evidence based cancer screening procedures for colon cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer. 

Newer advances have introduced novel ways to gauge your individual cancer risk. 

Ambry Genetic Testing 

For individuals with a family history of cancer, this tests can detect if you have inherited any genes that increase your personal cancer risk. For many, this test is completely covered by your insurance. Since a person's genetics remain the same throughout one's life, this test needs to be done only one time. 

Galleri Multi-cancer early detection blood test 

This blood test has the ability to detect cancer at the earliest stages. The Galleri multi-cancer early detection test detects more than 50 types of cancer, many of which are not commonly screened for today. With a simple blood draw, this test provides early detection insights that help you be proactive about your health. The total cost for this test including handling and interpretation is $1300.  

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